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Jerry the Giraffe
Giant Stuffed Giraffe

This gentle giant stuffed giraffe stands straight up at 55 inches tall, (that's almost 5ft), 22" long and is 14" wide. Jerry's spotted coat is soft and looks amazingly realistic. Remember to keep this one inside; hes a big twig and leaf eater! Another favorite staff pick! Jerry really is a huge stuffed giraffe with a gentle face and LONG legs. His legs are made on the inside with a thick metal wire that can bend straight out on the floor so you can sit on him.

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Factoid: Giraffes live in the African savannah and the open woodlands south of the Sahara Desert. Giraffes almost never lay down. They sleep, eat and even give birth standing up. And every time a giraffe picks up it's head, it picks up 550 pounds!



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