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Brother Bart
Large Stuffed Teddy Bear

Brother Bart the Huge Brown Teddy Bear is 54" in height. That's over 4 ft tall! Ben likes to lie down, sit up and give warm hugs with his huge paws. He makes for a "Big Love" gift at any age.

This Large stuffed teddy bear is a staff favorite! You do not find the quality construction in most huge stuffed animal pieces. This bear has an A+ rating.

Now Only $225.00

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Factoid: American Black Bears are the smallest of North American Bears and are less aggressive than other bears. They are actually large mammals with powerful limbs, small ears and black fur. Though their fur can range in color from black, blue-black, brown, cinnamon and even white. Adult females typically weigh 100-200 lbs and adult males weigh 150-400 lbs.



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