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Jerry the Giraffe
Giant Stuffed Giraffe

SALE $119
Jerry, the giant stuffed giraffe is 55 inches Tall! We promise love at first sight with this big guy!


Love Bug Bear
Giant Stuffed Bear

The Perfect Gift for the one you love. 30 inches of Big Bear hugs BIG SALE $89


Lars the Lion
Giant Stuffed Lion

Lars is King of the Jungle. If your looking for a present to make you look like the King of gift giving this 75 inch Lion is as Cool as it gets. Order early, this piece goes quickly.


Zenna the White Tiger
Giant Stuffed White Tiger

SALE $89 Rare and beautiful, this 67-inch Huge "cat" makes quite a large stuffed animal statement.


Barry the Bengal Tiger
Giant Stuffed Tiger

SALE $89
Barry, the giant stuffed tiger is 67 inches long! That's alot of cat!


Zoe the Zebra
A realistic black and white striped beauty, Zoe is about 33" long.


CoCo the Bear
Huge Stuffed Teddy Bear

One of our best sellers! CoCo the huge teddy bear is 37" tall and emits a real sweetness!


Fran the Tree Frog
Huge Stuffed Frog

Fran, such a fantastic large stuffed animal! With red eyes and dangling colorful legs, Fran is 30"!


Patty the Panda
Giant Stuffed Panda Bear

SALE $99 Our #1 selling giant stuffed panda bear!Patty is 36" of soft, cuddly and posable fun.


Allie the Alligator
Giant Stuffed Alligator

SALE $109
At 5 ft. long, Allie the amazingly long stuffed alligator makes a great body pillow!


Bucky the Black Lab
Man's best friend without the hassle of potty training, Bucky is a rigid 31" long.


Dixie the Yellow Lab
Our #1 selling dog! Dixie is about 31" long!


Jack the Husky
Adorable, right down to his blue eyes! Jack is 33" long!


Rex the Rottweiler
Life-like and loveable! Rex is 36" long!


Dudley the Dalmation
Our favorite friend and firefighter! Dudley sits 30" tall!


Brutus the Boxer
Our favorite huggable friend! Brutus sits a rigid 26" tall!


Splash the Dolphin
Huge Stuffed Dolphin

Splash, our frisky 41" long giant stuffed dolphin is waiting for someone to play with him!


Sampson the Shark
Large Stuffed Shark

Sampson, the large stuffed shark is 40" long! He's fierce looking, but is really a total softy!


Savannah the Cheetah
Giant Stuffed Cheetah

SALE $89
Savannah, is a huge stuffed cheetah and sits up at 3 feet Tall! We think she is the coolest cat in the world.


Gibson the Giraffe
Sweet and loveable, Gibson is 30" from nose to tail and is very plush.


Dusty the Deer
Standing 30inches tall, Dusty will make you take a second look to be sure he isn't real!


Hanky the Harbor Seal
Big Stuffed Seal

Hanky, the big stuffed seal is 3o inches long and so soft and plush.


Dante the Dragon
Dante is 40" long! With bold, bright colors, he's quite the fanciful friend!


Harper the Harp Seal
Incredibly life-like, Harper is 30 inches of pure delight!


Wendy the Wolf
At 30" long this sassy gal has real character.


Olivia the Orangutan
Big Stuffed Orangutan

Have you ever seen a big stuffed orangutan with such a sweet face?


Gunner the German Shepherd
Loveable and protective! Gunner sits a rigid 33" tall!


Big Bart the Black Bear
Giant Stuffed Animal

Big Bart is 7.5 ft! The largest and softest black bear in the world! If you are looking for a Show Stopper, you have come to the right Huge Bear!


Cookie Bear
Large Stuffed Animal

Just as sweet as its name, Cookie is 42 inches of pure posable delight.


Henry T. Horse
Giant Stuffed Horse

BIG SALE $119 Now you can fulfill every girl's dream of having a pony! Henry makes the perfect huge stuffed pony for horsin' around!


Bailee Bear
Large Stuffed Teddy Bear

If your looking for extra softness and amazing quality this lil rascal is for you!


Teddy the Bear
Large Stuffed Teddy Bear

Teddy, the large stuffed bear is 3.5 ft Tall! With his pristine white fur, he almost appears to shine!


Brother Bart
Large Stuffed Teddy Bear

Are you looking for the perfect gift to make a HUGE impact?! Brother Bart is one of our biggest bears at 54 inches tall. He has an adorable face and his fur is super soft.


Brother Ben
Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear

Brother Ben is a giant stuffed teddy bear that is 4.5 ft! He's a little smaller than Big Ben but just as much fun!


Bridget the Bear
Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear

At 42" tall, Bridget is a huge stuffed teddy bear that makes a lovable companion!


Baby the Calf
Large Stuffed Cow

Baby is Brand New and Everybody Loves her! So squeezable you’ll want to take her home.


Gordy the Gorilla
Big Stuffed Gorilla

This is one handsome and large stuffed animal. Gordy is very soft and comes in a seated position.


Kanga and Roo
Giant Stuffed Kangaroo

Kanga and her sweet Baby Roo are realistic featured animals. And brand new to Giant Stuffed Animals!


Simon the Pig
Large Stuffed Pig

Simon, is a Huge Pink Pig. He is Brand New and our latest favorite big stuffed animal!

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